Frequently Asked Questions

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Here are the Basics



What Types of Photo Booth do you provide?

Our clients love our Modern Open-Air Style Photo Booth. It can accomodate large groups, easy to move around with Props, guests can see all the fun action,  and it complements almost any Event Layout design. It simply feels like a breath of fresh air…literally. Please visit our BOOTH COLLECTIONS page for more details.

What Booth Features are Available?

Today we live in a Social Savvy world and guests are looking for a Unique experience. Our Booths offers modern features that will allows guest to create fun & engaging moments to share!



– Studio Quality Prints (Full Photo 4″x6″ or Strip Style 2″ x 6″) *Custom sizes are also available upon request

– Instant Unlimited Printing (Photos are produced immediately after every session & every guest will receive a Photo)

– Photo Filters (Black & White, Vintage, Color Themes & More)

– Beauty Glam Style / Skin Smoothener

– E-Mail Messaging (Receive Photos instantly to your e-mail)

– SMS/ Text Messaging (Receive Photos instantly to your Smart Phone)

– Social Media Sharing (Upload Photos directly to your Social Media Page)

– Video Message & Clips

– Boomerangs, Animated GIFs, Slow – Motion, Warp Style

– Green Screen (Create almost any Background)

–  Online Gallery Access

What Type of Events do you Service?

We understand each & every event is unique, so we do our best to customize & plan all the details to create a personlized experience. No event is too small or too big…if you have a creative vision we will bring it to life. Please visit our EVENTS PAGE for more details.

* Weddings, Engagements, Wedding Shower, Anniversaries

* Company Event, Brand Activations, Marketing/Promo, Launch, Networking

* Conventions, Conferences, Seminars, Trade Shows, Expos

* Banquet, Galas, Award Ceremonies, VIP Receptions

* Festivals, Fairs, Concerts, Gatherings

* Charity, Fundraisers, Auctions

* Private Social Parties, Cocktails

* Birthdays, Sweet 16, Bar/ Bat Mitzvah, Quinceañeara, Debutante Ball

* School/ Organizations Functions, Dances, Proms, Formal

* Family Reunion

* Holiday, Special Occasions

Which Area Locations do you Service?

Everyone loves the So-Cal Vibe so we travel to all major areas in the region.


– Los Angeles County

– Orange County

– San Diego County

– Riverside/ San Bernardino/ Imperial County

– Santa Barbara/ Ventura County

**We do not charge a TRAVEL fee if your event locations is listed on our service area. If your event is located in other State Regions or destinations, we may still be able to accomodate based on availability.

Let’s Get Started



How far in Advance should I book the Booth?

Whether you are planning your date far in advance for the upcoming year, or need a last-minute booking, we ask that you contact our team for availability. 

By booking immediately, it ensures we will have the proper Staff & Booth available and can make plans so that your event runs as smoothly as possible. 

How do I Reserve & Book my Photo Booth?

We greatly appreciate your business and want to make the booking process is simple and seamless as possible. Please fill out our EVENT INQUIRY so we can gather some basic details about event and check our availability.

A team member will reach out to you to help plan some important details and we’ll create a custom Proposal Quote for your review and approval.

Once you decided to continue with the booking, we’ll send over an official Agreement & Invoice Payment that you can access Online. That’s it, you will be officially booked and your Event Date will be reserved!

What Payment Options are Available?

We accept most major form of Payments (Credit/Debit Cards, Paypal, Venmo, Business Checks, Cash). 

If your event date is months in adance, we usually ask for 50% deposit to reserve your booking and the remaining balance will be due approx. 30 days before your event.

If your event is within 30 days, we would prefer full payment.

We do offer special payment arrangements depending on the situation, so we are open to discussing different options. 

Do you offer Special Discounts for Charities & Military?

We love to support great Causes and believe in giving back to our community. 

For accredited Charities & active Military Personnel, we can offer a special discount depending on the event. Feel free to reach out to us for more details. 

Can you provide a "Certificate of Insurance" (COI) for Venues, Vendors & Clients?

Absolutely! We want to make sure safety is always a priority and that we are covered if situations do occur. Upon booking, we would need some Contact Info details, requirements and we will provide the necessary documentation for Venues, Vendors & Clients. 

Can I Book for All-Day Events or Multiple Dates?

Yes, we accomodate for All-Day Events or if you’re planning to have Multiple Dates. Please let us know your Dates/ Times/ Service Needs and we can plan accordingly. 

Can I request for Multiple Booths Set-up?

There are many reasons why having multiple booths would be a great idea…

1) You are planning to have a large amount of guests.

2) You would like to have several booths set-up throughout your Venue.

3) You want to provide different features or styles for your guests.

* Please let us know your ideas and we’ll make it happen!

Event Details


Who will Operate the Booth?

At every event, we will have our Professional Staff aka (Boothographers) set-up, break-down and help operate the booth. They will make sure to the Booth is running smoothly as possible and help engage with your guests to make the best stunning photos. 

How long does it take to set-up the Booth?

On your event day, we will usally arrive approximately 60-90 minutes prior to your start time. This allows us to Load-In, Set-Up and test the booth so it will be ready for your guests. 

*If you would like to request a different set-up time, please let us know and we can make notes.

Can the Booth be placed Outdoors?

In So-Cal, the weather is sunny & breezy ideal for outdoor events. The booth can be placed Outdoors but may need special needs to ensure quality.



– If the booth is placed in direct sunlight, it may effect the FLASH lighting & settings. Also the sun moves throughout the day, so photos will come out differently.

* We asked the booth be placed under a Covered Shaded Space if possible. We can also provide a covered Tent if necessary.



– If there temperature is extra high, it could create overheating of our equipment and cause it to shut down temporarily, especially in direct sunlight

* We ask the booth be placed under a Covered Shaded space and may need an extra Fan running.



We love to feel the breeze and get some fresh air, but some days may be a too much. Strong winds can create the Backdrop and Booth to be unstable and can also be a safety concern.

* We will provide extra weight stability to our Backdrop/Booth and preferrred the Booth to be placed in an area out of wind direction.



Water & Electrical equipment are not a great mix. In the event of the rain, the booth should be placed in a covered area and in a water free area.

What are your Event Venue requirements?

For every event, we have some basic needs that we would like to request. If you also have an Event/Venue Coodinator, they can also get these details. 


– We ask for a designated parking space or if there are parking fees to be reimbursed. 


Access to Power Outlets

– 110v, 10 amps, 3 prong outlet

– Preferablly accessible within 50′ of the Booth location

A 10′ x 10′ Space location

– this space allows us to have the Booth set-up properly and make sure guests can freely move throughout the area.

Wifi Internet Connection

– Our digital features for our Booth require a strong & reliable internet connection. We prefer to use the Venue wifi if available and could also use our own provided Wifi if needed. 

A 6′ Table & Linen for Props

– If your venue can provide a 6′ Table & Linen, it would be greatly appreciated. We can also provide one if needed. 

Can I request for Idle Hours?

During Idle Hours, our staff is on stand by to ensure the safety of our equipment and that guests are not getting access during closed times.  There are many reasons to request for Idle Hours. 

1) There is a special set-up time that is preferred.

2) You would like the booth to be set-up will in advance so it does interupt the Event or Guests. 

3) Your Timeline Schedule is Variable so you would only need the Booth to be open during specific times. 

* Our Idle Hour rate is $50-$75/ Hour and can be added to your booking. 


Can i request for additional Over-Time hours?

Let’s say your event is going well and you would like to keep the booth operating longer than the alloted time scheduled. With approval from our On-Site staff and Client, we can accomodate an Over-Time hour at a rate of $150 per additional hour.

Do you accept Gratuity Payments?

Although gratuity payments are not required, if you feel our staff did an incredible job servicing your event then your gratuity would be greatly appreciated!